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S blood Father'sDay Special Event! Show your appreciation to your father with this song To My Father

2022/06/18 Release

Songs from S blood 1st Mini Album "S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered-".

To My Father" is a masterpiece that Daisuke dedicated to his late father.

It is a song dedicated for "#Father's Day"!

So why don’t you show your father how much you appreciate him by sending him the song "To My Father"?

The video card of "To My Father" showing "Thank you" is now available on S blood OFFICIAL HP, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!

Please send this "To My Father" video card to your father and tell him "Thank you" for all he has done for you.

▼ "S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered-"

■ "S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered


1. To My Father

2. Stardust Stage

3. Theme S-BLOOD

▼『S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered-』Digest

▼「To My Father」Original MV


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