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S blood 4th Digital Single "Aimai na koito itte" digital distribution start & MV release! !

“S blood”(Esblood) 4th Digital Single"Aimai na koito itte"But

Today, from Sunday, May 21, 2023, Download & subscription distribution release!

4th Digital Single "Aimi na koito itte"

From the image of "sadness" and "wandering" that the song has, it expresses the ephemeral and painful feeling of not being able to meet the person you love in the hustle and bustle of the city with rhetorical lyrics.

The lyrics were written by Daisuke's former vocalist of BAND ❛Raspberry Circus❜

Hiroaki Furuta《Hiroaki Furuta & The Mistake 5, ex.Raspberry Circus》@HiroakiFulltime ).

Daisuke is in charge of the music and arrangement. With an upbeat beat, Daisuke's sharp guitar, and Naoyuki's sweet and painful singing voice, this is a must-listen new song!

Also, the main illustration of this work's jacket and MV is Nina(@sunsun_2727)

A work that matches the song with her delicate colors and deep and attractive world view.

Enjoy a song that updates S blood supremacy.

Also, today “Aimai na koito itte” MV is also released! !

A work that expresses the world view of the song, which is a little different from the jacket illustration.

Attractive and atmospheric illustrations drawn by Nina are only shown in the MV of this work.

Please watch the MV that deeply touches the world of "Aimai na koito itte".

▼ Click here for the distribution store of "Aimai na koito itte"

▼ Click here for the MV for "Aimai na koito itte"

Title:[Aimai na koito itte]

Artist: S blood

Lyrics: Hiroaki Furuta 《Hiroaki Furuta & The Mistake 5, ex.Raspberry Circus》

Composer: Daisuke (S blood)

Label: GMF ENTERTAINMENT / High Five Ltd.

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