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3rd DIgital Single


2022.2.17 Release !!

3rd  Digital Single "Love & Hate"

iTunes Store, Spotify, Apple Music,

LINE Music, AWA, Recochoku, etc.

Now available at major music stores!

Lyrics (Japanese Lyrics): Naoyuki

Composition (Music): Daisuke

Label: GMF ENTERTAINMENT / High Hive ltd.

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"Love & Hate" rust viewing Teaser video

Brother unit by Daisuke and Naoyuki

"S blood" 3rd single " Love & Hate "


Fall into a momentary love from the fluctuation of the ego

With lyrics depicting the main character

A song with a fusion of edgy and hard sounds


Even in this work " Love & Hate "

The beautiful harmony work unique to the brothers is alive and well.

Member Comment


Artist Comment

We received comments from artists to commemorate the release of "Love & Hate".
DAISHI_Psycho le Cému.jpg

A beautiful melody with a guitar rock sound.

For the sound of light and shadow

The fusion of voices that only brothers can make is exactly S blood!

DAISHI / Psycho le Cému

  • Psycho le Cému
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"Groove" expresses a sense of unity of glue and rhythm, but in reality it is an ambiguous word, and I think that ambiguous feeling is what "groove" is.
However! S-blood was uplifted when he expressed the ambiguous groove in a snap. Rhythm, words and melody, two voices, and two heartbeats, yes, that's Sugaya's DNA! !! There was one groove shape here.
When I listened to this song, I wondered if love and hate were also in conflict with each other, but they were grooved.

Congratulations on the release!
I hope that the wonderful music of S-blood will continue to reach many people!

Tomoaking / The HIGH

  • The HIGH
  • Twitter

Love and hate are always two sides of the same coin.
What's in between

I'm sure everyone knows and no one knows .
I know
the pure love of my brother and brother,

The combination casts magic on the song.


  • Twitter

This time, "Love & Hate" is released

You can feel Aun's breathing

I think it's a great song.
I envy these brothers too much. Lol

Straight road

  • Official Web
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Don't yearn for a brother unit.
My brother wrote a song

It would be nice if my brother wrote the lyrics.
The new song also feels good.
I look forward to your future success!

hirono / The HIGH

  • The HIGH
  • Twitter

Seriously ... I'm here ... Cool!
As expected! !!
My name is S Blood, and I don't want it because I'm jokingly at an event that I said at the beginning (excerpt from the lyrics) ...
I don't think it's me (Furuta), but ...
If you make a mistake
Congratulations on the release! !! It was good! !!

​Furuta Hiroaki

  • フルタウエブログ
  • Twitter

I am grateful to the two people who are always kind to me ♪
Fly to the world S blood!

Benny / The HIGH

  • The HIGH
  • Twitter
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Nao's lyrics to Dai's song. It's the best unit for me who has known them for a long time.

When I listened to the 1st single "Answer", I was so happy and impressed that I was really tearful! !!

I think this "Love & Hate" is also a number that perfectly fits the world view of the edgy guitar riffs and Nao's lyrics that Dai is good at.

When I was a teenager, I didn't think it was the same as my brother, but my brother's musical life was just chasing his brother's back. One day, I caught up with my brother, respected each other, and became a deeper bond. "S Blood" The last thing I can believe in is the connection of blood! !!

A little jealousy (laughs)


  • Matty
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Many days that the two of us spent together.
Memories of living in those days.
And now that we have been on the musical path together for many years.

A work that cannot be achieved by everyone, but only because it is a family called a "brother unit".
"Love & Hate" is a form of such a challenge that cannot be ended with the planned harmony because it is too close.
The connection of the blood of the two people is flowing in this song as a harmony, and it continues to live.

MORI / wyse

  • Twitter
  • Twitter2

For an emotional melody that makes you feel a little nostalgic

The excellence of harmony played by the brothers.

I was drawn into the world of songs and lyrics.

How do you perceive a frustrating world view?

It's a wonderful song that seems to change the expression depending on the listener!

May "Love & Hate" resonate with many people! !!


  • KINGオフィシャルサイト



S blood S blood
A brother unit by Daisuke and Naoyuki.

While his brother Daisuke is a guitarist and his younger brother Naoyuki is a vocalist in each band, he formed a session unit with his brothers in 2008.
1st Mini Album "S-BLOOD" [YouToube] [Distribution Link] will be released in 2019!


2021 Unit notation changed to "S blood" and activities resumed!

The 2nd Digital Single "Answer" [ YouToube] [ Distribution Link] will be released on October 11th of the same year !

And on February 17, 2022, the 3rd Digital Single "Love & Hate" [ YouToube] [ Distribution Link] will be released!
The lyrics are mainly written by his younger brother Naoyuki, and the composition is written by his older brother Daisuke.


The harmony work unique to the brothers mixes beautifully,

It produces a unique tone.

Brother unit by Daisuke and Naoyuki.

While elder brother Daisuke is a guitarist and younger brother Naoyuki is a vocalist in each band,

we formed a session unit with brothers in 2008.

1st Mini Album "S-BLOOD" will be released in 2019!

In 2021, the unit name was changed to "S blood" and the activity resumed!

On October 11th of the same year, 2nd Digital Single "Answer" was released,

and 3rd Digital Single "Love & Hate" will be released on February 17th, 2022!

Younger brother Naoyuki is in charge of the lyrics, and elder brother Daisuke is in charge of the composition.

The harmony work unique to the brothers mixes beautifully, creating a unique tone.

หน่วยพี่น้อง ที่ก่อตั้ง โดยไดสุเกะและนาโก

พี่ ชาย ได สุ เกะ เป็น นัก กีตาร์ และ น้อง ชาย นา โอ ยู กิ เป็น นัก ร้อง ใน วง ดนตรี ของ ตัว เอง

พวก เขาปล่อยมิน ิอัลบั้มแรก'S-BLOOD' ในปี 2019!

ในปี พ. ศ. 2021 ยูนิตจะเปลี่ยน ชื่อเป็น "เอสบลัด"

ใน วัน ที่ 11 ตุลาคม ของ ปี เดียวกัน นั้น ดิ จิ ตั ล ซิ ง เกิ้ ล ที่ สอง "Answer" จะ วาง จำหน่าย ตาม ด้วย ดิจิตอล ซิงเกิล ที่ สาม "Love & Hate" ใน วัน ที่ 17 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2022

เนื้อเพลง ส่วน ใหญ่ เขียน โดย น้อง ชาย ชื่อ Naoyuki ใน ขณะ ที่ เพลง แต่ง โดย พี่ ชาย Daisuke

งาน ความ สามัคคี อันเป็น เอกลักษณ์ ของ พี่น้อง ผสมผสาน อย่าง สวยงาม และ สร้าง โทน เสียง ที่ เป็น เอกลักษณ์




2021/10/11 Release!

2nd Digital Single

" Answer "

スクリーンショット 2021-07-13 16.06.16.png

2019/1 Release!

1st Mini Album

Included songs: 1.S-BLOOD theme 2. Stardust Stage​ 3. To my father

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