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S blood’ cover of “ellenision’s Dream Catcher 〜Acouctic cover “Blue” - Video Released!

The "I Sang It" video is ellenision ‘s "Dream Catcher - Acoustic cover "Blue" by S blood

This is the 2nd cover of the vocal unit "ellenision" (currently inactive), formed by Kosuke Tazawa and Koetsu Kozaki, with whom Daisuke has a personal interaction with.

The 2nd is entitled "Dream Catcher - Acoustic cover "Blue"". Naoyuki sings Kozaki's part and Daisuke sings Tazawa's part.

The harmony of the S blood brothers is different from "Acoustic cover "Red"" and can only be heard on "Acoustic cover "Blue"", and is a must-see!

●The original artist: "ellenision".

Twin vocal unit by Takayuki Tazawa and Hiroyoshi Kozaki.

The reason for the formation? “lived in the same mansion and the next door to each other".

"ellenision/Dream Catcher"

Included in the album "Singles".


1. Find a treasure

2. Wanna be a dreamer!

3. Hatsukoi -ano koro no kimi ni- (First love ~To you back then~)

4. Ame, kokoro no mukoue

5. Mijika na kimie

6. Dreamcatcher

7. Seishun -anokoro kara kimi ni- (Youth ~From those days to you)

8. Diary

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