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S blood 1st Mini Album「S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered」New Release!!

2022.06.10 (Fri) “S blood 1st Mini Album「S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered」will be Released!!

Digitally remastered the 1st mini album by the brother unit of Daisuke and Naoyuki (#Sblood ) released in 2019.

3 special songs are Included. Which are, "S-BLOOD's Theme" that triggered the formation of the unit, "Stardust Stage" that established the style of composition by Daisuke and lyrics by Naoyuki, and "To My Father" a masterpiece and a gems that Daisuke has dedicated to his late father. This album is a fresh and folky work of the brothers' pure chorus work.

Available from iTunes Store、Apple Music、Spotify、AWA、 RecoChoku、LINE MUSIC, and other digital platforms

Release Date:2022.06.10

■S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered


1.「To My Father」

2.「Stardust Stage」



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