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S blood 「To My Father」Original MV Released!!

The Original MV for "To My Father" from "S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered-" has been released!

Daisuke dedicated this song "To My Father" to his late father, and it is a song for "Father's Day" on June 19th!

We will also be releasing a "Dear Father" message from Daisuke/Naoyuki for Father's Day on June 15 (Wed.) and 16 (Thu.)!

Please look forward to it!

▼ "S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered-"

■ "S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered


1. To My Father

2. Stardust Stage

3. Theme S-BLOOD

▼『S-BLOOD -2022 Remastered-』Digest


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